Care Guide


Part of our philosophy is that our clothing keeps you company for a long time. We therefore want to provide you with the best care instructions to ensure that your garments live long and give you much joy. Before you wash, consider if it’s necessary, or if some airing and spot cleaning will be enough. You save water and your clothes last much longer this way.

Even with the best quality control from our end, your beloved garments may show a bit wear and tear. That’s no reason to throw them out. Just resew the button, or hand stitch an opened seam. A local tailor can change a broken Zipper. Look after your clothing and they will last for years to come.

These are our tips on how to clean our crafted items:


Our crochet is handmade, when cleaning it should be treated with utmost care. If preferred, you can take your crochet item to a professional cleaner. When handwashing the crochet item, use a mild detergent and cool water. Swish the item in the water gently. Do not rub. Rinse the item thoroughly under water until it is clear of detergent. Squeeze out excess water. Do not twist or wring.

Wrap the item in a towel to absorb the extra moisture and lay flat to dry. Do not hang a crochet piece, as it may stretch out of shape. Do not dry in direct sunlight to avoid fading. When ironing, use low heat with a slightly damp cloth on top of your garment. Excessive heat can ruin the integrity of the fibre as it can flatten out the texture.

Bags can be spot cleaned by using a splash of mild detergent in a bowl of cold water. Use a soft, clean cloth, dip into water and wring out excess.  Gently rub the surface of the bag. Rinse cloth so it’s free of detergent, dampen with water and wipe off any soap residue. Let the bag air dry.


The embroidery cut out lace is a very delicate detail of the garment. If you prefer, you can take this item to a professional cleaner. When washing in a machine, use a delicate short wash cycle. Place your item in a mesh bag to protect the garment from too much abrasion.

Use a mild detergent for washing. Do not tumble dry. The embroidery can be ironed cold from the reverse side. If necessary, the rest of the garment can be ironed on medium heat. Instructions may vary depending on fabric used. Check individual garments for specific instructions.