Fashion with a soul 
Acambha was created out of a passion for artisanal fashion.  
Bali has a deep-rooted culture of handmade goods and textiles, which is the perfect place to incorporate the culture of craftmanship with a contemporary approach, which allows the tradition to continue and to be kept alive, whilst exposing these values to a conscious audience.
appreciation for traditional handcrafted techniques inspires us, gives us the possibility to keep the values that are driving us, whilst emphasizing slow fashion. 

Traditional handmade techniques applied to contemporary style.  

We are firm believers in slow fashion and creating pieces that celebrate craftsmanship, the fair treatment of workers, and the environment. 

Acambha brings together a community of like-minded people, who understand and respect the value of traditional craftsmanship, sharing the appreciation for unique statement pieces. That means we have a close and personal relationship with everyone working on our product, and we cherish our customers and their feedback to constantly improve.  

Our pieces are made in limited numbers, each piece is handcrafted and ethically produced. Acambha has built a long term relationship with the artisans and workers, committing to respect and care as much for them, as we do for our customers. The creation of socially responsible fashion is our way of contributing to an improved way of consuming clothing, making our customer proud owning it. 

The practise of appreciation and compassion to all living beings.

That is the spirit of Acambha