Celebrating the art of handmade clothing slow fashion at it’s finest

Be introduced to the techniques we use to create garments that have been handmade by artisans and people trained in their craft.
Made for the conscious individual, who appreciates the art and work that goes into making a truly ethically crafted piece of clothing


Our crochet is handmade with 100% cotton yarn, a natural fibre and comfortable to wear.
We work with Balinese women, that have been doing crochet work for many years, working from their homes, so they can take care of their families, whilst making an income.
We are constantly developing new techniques with them, creating unique masterpieces. Every hand has a slightly different tension and make, so each garment is truly one of a kind.


Kerawang is a traditional Balinese lace technique. The motif is printed onto fabric. The artisan will follow the lines with the sewing machine to create the embroidery, and will cut out parts of the motif with a scissor, securing the opening with an embroidered mesh. Kerawang is a traditional womens costume for ceremonies. Sometimes, we use this technique without cutting, so it creates a solid design.
We have taken this technique and translated it into a contemporary garment, creating vivid and unique detail that can be worn in a modern day environment.


Handmade beading is a way of creating truly unique pieces, Every sequin and bead is picked up individually with a needle and sewn on by hand, one by one.
It takes a lot of patience and passion from the artisans, that create those pieces in home manufacturing. The cottage industry model gives them enough time to care for their families, and have an income.

Wax Batik

Wax Batik is a unique way of printing, giving the fabric a special feel and look.
A metal stamp with a motif is dipped in hot wax, then pressed onto pre dyed fabric. The fabric is overdyed, then left to dry.
Finally the wax will be washed out, creating a beautiful motif on the fabric.
As the stamp is applied by hand, there will be slight irregularities, enhancing the handmade feel of the clothing, and no garment will be the same.
There are several ways of playing with this technique, which gives a lot of room to use this traditional technique creatively, and ending up with a unique piece of garment


Our Knit is done on an old fashioned knitting machine, that is not used anymore in conventional productions.
We use this method, to keep the art alive, support the artisan family that brought the machines from Java and we can create unique and limited edition pieces, that are made in true slow fashion mode.
We use natural fibres to produce as sustainably as possible.